Our 2023 Community Leaders


Ministry & Community Servants

Overseer B. R. Ali, Senior Servant

Elder C. Myers, Administrative Assistant

Minister C, Drennen, Pastoral Armor Bearer & Scholarship Ministry

Elder C. Lane, Freedom Now Outreach

Rev. N. Herrill

Minister W. Outing 11,Frowns To Smiles

Minister R. Hooker

Minister R. Brown

Deacon A. D. Stokes 11

Deacon J. Myers

Deacon D. Herrell, Vulcan Pioneers President

Deacon K. S. Bell

Deacon S. McAllister Bell

Missionary Sybil Brown, New Psalmist By The Sea 🌊, Palm Coast Fl

& Prison Support Ministry  

V. Moore,D.Outing, Dance & Arts 

M.Holmes,Flags & Banners

G.Chillious, Greeters, Doorkeepers

B. L. Ali, Audio/Visual

R. T. Williams, Minister Of Music

L. Williams, Worship Leader

Min. R. Brown, Mens Fellowship

New Psalmist Disciples