God’s purpose may be baffled or it may be accomplished depending, to one degree or another, on the obedience of His people and their willingness to use the weapons of spiritual warfare that He has provided. God is powerful enough to win any battle, He has designed things so that the release of His power at a given moment.  A principle weapon of spiritual warfare is prayer. Not just routine or mediocre prayer, but prayer powerful enough to move God’s hand in order to determine the destiny of a whole nation.
I realize the power we have available to us when We take our authority in prayer? And I SAY WE AND US BECAUSE GOD IS MOVING ON MY BEHALF AND IT IS BECAUSE GOD HAS PLACED MIGHTY PRAYER WARRIORS IN MY LIFE AND I THANK GOD 4 EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU….THANKING GOD FOR ALL OF YOU SHOWING UP AND STANDING ON THE BATTLE FIELD TO HELP ME NOT ONLY FIGHT THIS WAR…BUT TO SEE ME WIN! I did not realize my authority until I started praying more, and my praying started before I got my diagnosis of breast cancer. 
Instead of worrying about the increase in evil in our land, I would be  before God crying out for His intervention. Unfortunately in many churches prayer is the weakest link. But in New Psalmist Worship Center Prayer Is What We Are Taught….We are taught that our prayer Life should be the strongest LINK because it is the key to God’s blessing us in the spirit realm…… The power of prayer is waiting for you to ask and receive. FBF THIS WAR IS NOT OVER YET BUT I WILL MAKE IT 2 THE FINISH LINE AND I WILL BE THE WINNER…..

Lady Balena Ali