New  Psalmist Worship Center ,Newark & Vicinity

New Psalmist Worship Center By The Sea, Palm Coast, Florida

New Psalmist WWW

Real People, who come from all walks of life. Many who grew up in Newark NJ and Vicinity .

There is a lot of bad stuff that happens in our urban communities.Gang wars,hunger, disease, abuse, neglect.High unemployment, broken homes,incarcerations, rejection, financial uncertainty, broken relationships, and more.

There are two ways we can respond to it

We can pursue and trust in a real God.

We can throw our hands up and say,Lord we surrender our will and trust your will for our lives.


We can wait until our change manifests

We know that there is hope in Jesus¦ We are Real people experiencing change one person at a time.

When confronted by your own personal problem who will you turn to? We invite you to try a real God with real solutions.

You can reach Overseer Ali